Looking for things to do in Independence, MO, on your next vacation? Dive into these travel stories—from family road trips and romantic weekend getaways to historic homes and Truman history—and start adding to your itinerary! With plenty of adventures for history buffs, foodies, shoppers, and outdoor enthusiasts, Independence boasts the charm of a small town just a step outside Kansas City.

Read on to find your Independence and discover a story of your own in our historic city.


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Are you looking for new traditions to add wonder, magic, and joy this holiday season? Your trail should lead you to Independence this holiday season. You and your family can experience many of the delightful events and activities throughout the community. 


A half-colored photo illustration of the Independence, MO, Square

Independence, Colorized

Which sounds longest? 73,000 days, 2,400 months, or 200 years? No matter how you look at it, Missouri officially reached its bicentennial on Tuesday,...

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The Bingham-Waggoner estate in Independence, MO

Historic Homes in Independence

With a storied history that dates back to before pioneers began their westward journey, Independence abounds with noteworthy sights that beckon visitors to follow...

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Retracing My Roots

There’s a certain feeling inside your bones when you touch something with history. For me, old objects hold a tangible energy of all the...

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