Personality Isn’t Everything But It May Lead To A Great Vacation

Personality Isn’t Everything But It May Lead To A Great Vacation

Having a hard time deciding what you’ll see when you visit Independence? Choosing a place can be as simple as knowing your personality type. Are you more introverted or extroverted? Are you someone that may think more or get all in your feels? Don’t worry. Independence has you covered, and we’ve taken the worry out of choosing great places to visit based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. Don’t know your type? Take the quiz here.

The Logistician (ISTJ): Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

As someone quiet and reserved who prefers to learn about the history of your travels, we think the Harry S. Truman Library is for you! Take a leisurely tour at your own pace through the museum and brush up on your history at the library. Learn all that you can at our amazing Presidential Library.


The Adventurer (ISFP): Englewood Arts District

Independence calling out your name! As someone open to trying new things, you’re sure to find something fun and interesting at Englewood Arts District. From food and drinks to unique shops, we know you’ll find just the right activity here.

The Consul (ESFJ): Independence Center

Share time with others as you shop at the Independence Center! As a planner, you’ll enjoy the chance to plan your day to visit over 100 shops. So, gather your friends and plan your trip to the Independence Center!

The Entertainer (ESFP): Cable Dahmer

As someone who appreciates experiences and all things entertaining, you’re sure to have your pick of events at Cable Dahmer Arena. From our sports teams to concerts and ice rink, there is no better place to find the latest entertainment!

The Executive (ESTJ): Chicago and Alton Railroad Depot

As a lover of tradition and order, we know a visit to the historic Chicago & Alton Railroad Depot is right for you! As someone who understands order is the foundation of all things, you’ll appreciate the details of this amazing piece of history.

The Entrepreneur (ESTP): 1859 Jail Museum

As a thrill seeker, nothing could thrill you more than a spine-tingling paranormal experience! Our 1859 Jail is known to be a hotspot for otherworldly contact. Plus, there is the fantastic history and architecture of this once-active jail to boot!

The Mediator (INFP): Powerhouse Theatre

The Theatre calls to the imaginative and creative types. That is why we think the Independence Powerhouse Theatre is for you! Feel the emotion of our local productions with the sound of music and art compiled on stage. You’ll adore a night at the theatre!

The Advocate (INFJ): George Owens Nature Park

You like to take things at a leisurely pace, you’ll enjoy a visit to George Owens Nature Park. With 86 acres and two lakes, you’re sure to feel relaxed as you wander through nature.

The Architect (INTJ): Vaile Mansion

Your curious and original personality best suits the Vaile Mansion. The Vaile Mansion is a complete original and ahead of its time, just like you! It offers complex architecture and beauty, invoking the mind to wonder.

The Logician (INTP): Midwest Genealogy Center

Lose yourself in thought as you comb through the Midwest Genealogy Center! Spend the day musing on ideas and possibilities of the past. Find your ancestral roots too!

The Defender (ISFJ): Little Blue Trace Trails

As a compassionate, independent person, you’ll enjoy some downtime taking in a piece of nature. Our Little Blue Trace Trail has 16 miles where you can be on your own or reconnect with someone as you stroll down our paved trails.

The Campaigner (ENFP): Religious Sites

As a heart-searcher traveler, this one “fits you to a T.” You travel to experience the world with a holistic view. Independence is home to many different religious sites. Each one tells a unique story that will have you see things in a new way.

The Commander (ENTJ): Bingham-Waggoner Estate and Mansion

As a natural-born leader and go-getter, this place is for you. Much like the owners who occupied the Bingham-Waggoner Estate, you take challenges head-on. Take a tour to see how you measure up to the families that called this place home.

The Virtuoso (ISTP): Puppetry Arts Institute

As someone who likes hands-on activities and likes to do things at your own pace, the Puppetry Arts Institute is for you. Take a self-guided tour, watch a puppet show, create a puppet, learn to be a puppeteer, or peruse the gift shop. The choice is up to you!


The Protagonist (ENFJ): National Frontier Trails Museum

You too are a natural-born leader! National Frontier Trails Museum is all about leaders who blazed a trail. You lead by example, much like those who traveled west. Lead by example by making a visit to National Frontier Trails Museum.

The Debater (ENTP): Historic Independence Square

Walk where many debates happened in Independence. From the Historic Truman Courthouse to the 1859 Jail Museum and the many local businesses and shops, you’re sure to see and hear it all. See how much you can learn about our historic square and make sense of our history.