Children’s Peace Pavilion

Children’s Peace Pavilion

Children’s Peace Pavilion

The Peace Pavilion was developed with a primary focus of teaching peaceful attitudes and actions to children. For over 26 years, the Peace Pavilion has served as a children’s museum in a smaller site that was designed to teach concepts of peace through creative, fun, learning stations. The many thousands of visitors have included preschools, public schools, Boys and Girls clubs, Scout groups, many other groups, and families.

The Peace Pavilion is dedicated to empowering children to incorporate peacemaking skills into their everyday lives. The exhibits are fun and stimulating. They promote peace and justice using a curriculum/museum design based on four concepts of peace: Peace for Me, Peace for Us, Peace for Everyone, and Peace for the Planet. Each of the large, themed exhibit areas are based on an intentional curriculum design to promote learning through many attractive and challenging activities.

Our principal target age group is children 4 -12 years old. In addition, the facility allows for younger visitors with a toddler room and to older visitors with a teen room. The impact on the lives of the children and youth who visit the Pavilion can be assessed through perceived changes in the children’s behaviors (as reported by teachers and parents). An example are reports that children are observed using the “Stop, Think, Peace” behavioral lesson introduced at the Pavilion to defused difficult situations on playgrounds and in classrooms.

Group visits are provided for on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. Pre-scheduled group rates are $4 a person (rather than the $7 rate on the open admission days of Thursday-Saturday). For more information call 816-912-1275 or visit our website at or

Location and Directions

607 W Lexington Ave
Independence MO 64050;
(816) 912-1275