Historic Independence Square, Colorized

Historic Independence Square, Colorized

Historic Independence Square, Colorized

First, it was the pioneers. Then, it was a president.

The historic Independence Square is the foundation of the story of Independence, MO.

It’s a colorful history, but the story was mostly captured in black and white.

That’s were artificial intelligence comes in.

We used AI to colorize a handful of photos of the Independence Square, provided by the Jackson County Historical Society.

The photos really bring our history back to life, don’t you think?

Before After

The Truman Courthouse

The Truman Courthouse anchors the Independence Square. It’s gone through many iterations over the years, but looks much like it does today in this photo.

Before After

Liberty and Maple Streets

This photo was taken looking southwest. The photographed block of stores is now home to Up Dog and Gilbert Whitney & Co.

Before After

Valentine's Day

The Square was piled up with snow on Valentine’s Day in 1894.

Before After

Courthouse Exchange

The Courthouse Exchange has been in business on the Square since 1899.

Before After

Parade Float

A parade float for local realtor G.W. Clinton. First Baptist Church is in the background.

Technology is amazing, but you don’t have to rely on these photos to see the Independence Square in full color.

Today, this revitalized district is the perfect place for a day trip. Explore museums, peruse unique, local shops, enjoy drinks, dinner and dessert.

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